Sunset 2021 Results and Thanks

We hope you have had a relaxing day today after your monumental efforts yesterday? It was great to see so many happy faces at the finish and throughout the day.

Like you all, we are in desperate need of some sleep, so we are going to keep this short and sweet tonight and will be back with more in the coming days.

Firstly a huge congratulations to our winners yesterday, who were:

Sunset Ultra

  • First male: Nico Drinkwater in 5:31:31
  • First female: Lauren Buffini in 6:59:40

Sunset Marathon

  • First male: Theo Riviere in 3:32:45
  • First female: Ruth Eberhardt in 4:59:11

A full detailed set of results can be found over at If you have any queries about this please email us at

Secondly a massive congratulations to all of you who crossed the start line yesterday. It is a tough course and the weather was brutal at times but despite those conditions it was great to see nearly 99% of you finished, many of you completing your first marathon or ultra in the process. This is a real testament to your training, preparedness and determination to make it to Snettisham.

Thirdly a massive massive thanks to our amazing team of volunteers. As always, they go above and beyond the call of duty and make our job as Race Directors so much easier on the day. Many were working with us throughout the event, eager to support you all on your journey to the finish and I am sure you join us with your heartfelt thanks as well.

That is for now. We have a lot of photos to sort through and we will share those in the coming days and also details of how you can order an event t-shirt or hoodie, if you would like to purchase one.

Finally we really appreciate the feedback you have already kindly emailed us or posted on Facebook. Please keep it coming, as with this we can learn how we can improve future events.

All the best

Giles and Mark
Darkside Running