Results of 2019 Sunrise Ultramarathons

Congratulations to everybody who took part in the 2019 Sunrise Ultramarathons. A full race report and photos will follow in the next few days but for now, its enough to say that you are legends, one and all!

We have cross-checked and correlated the results that we captured, both at the finish line and through the trackers, and are pleased to announce the following results:

Full Sunrise


  • Winner: Fumiaki Imamura, in a time of 15:57:14 (CR) **
  • Runner-up: Andrew Platt, in a time of 16:09:48 


  • Winner: Rebecca Taylor, in a time of 21:10:16 (CR) **
  • Runner-up: Emily Barnston, in a time of 22:00:11

In the Full Sunrise, we had two competitors who beat the sunrise to Yarmouth. These were Fumiaki Imamura and Andrew Platt. Congratulations to you both!

The full list of results for the Full Sunrise can be downloaded at

Half Sunrise


  • Winner: Matthew Harris, in a time of 7:58:01 (CR) **
  • Runner-up: Pascal Fallas, in a time of 8:15:33


  • Winner: Justine Lynch, in a time of 9:06:27 (CR) **
  • Runner-up: Nancy Connolly, in a time of 10:12:11

In the Half Sunrise, we had ten competitors who beat the sunrise to Yarmouth. These were:

  • Matthew Harris
  • Pascal Fallas
  • Mark Collinson
  • Carmine De Grandis
  • Martin Koenigsberger
  • Adam Masterson
  • Steven Platts
  • Justine Lynch
  • Neil Catley
  • Dan Jones

Congratulations to you all!

The full results for the Half Sunrise can be downloaded at

Photos and race report to follow in the next few days.

** CR: Course Record