We are ITRA and UTMB® Qualifier Events!

We were so excited this morning to receive confirmation that both the Full and Half Sunrise events have been awarded ITRA points and are now official UTMB® qualification races for 2019.

This means that successful completion of either of our events will be considered as a qualifying race by any organisations using ITRA points for its own registration’s process, for example La Sportiva Lavaredo Ultra-Trail or Trail Verbier Saint Bernard – X-Alpine.

We have then also gained UTMB® accreditation, meaning you can also use our races towards entry into any of the 2020 UTMB® events.

The Half Sunrise has been awarded 3 ITRA points, with the Full Sunrise receiving 4, to reflect the longer distance. Further details on our events and how you can use your points, can be found over on the ITRA and UTMB® websites.


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